Hodeida: Huge Fire Erupted in Al-Khokha IDPs Camp

A massive fire broke in a camp for Internally displaced people (IDPs)in the coastal district of Al-Khokha, southwest of Hodeida province, amid continuous repetition of fire incidents in camps for displaced people in the same district.

Local sources said the fire, which breaks out in the al-Alili camp, destroyed six houses, in addition to causing damages to other houses.

Sources added that the displaced people in the camp, which houses nearly 800 families, were able to put out the fire before it spread to the rest of the houses, (which are built of mud, straw and tree branches).

According to the sources, local authorities’ pro-coalition have failed to investigate the reasons behind the consecutive flames of camps, in the District of Khokhah, amid the mystery surrounding the case and stirring speculations.

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