Sana’a Officially Opens File of Foreign Forces in Socotra

The Political Council, the supreme authority in Sana’a, opened, on Wednesday, the file of the foreign presence on the island of Socotra, at the strategic junction of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Official media reported that the Council’s Chairman, Mahdi Al-Mashat, had met with the Governor of Socotra. Pointing out that the meeting focused on discussing foreign movements and the presence on the most important island in eastern Yemen.

The meeting came days after Sana’a confirmed that its drones had carried out sorties in the skies of the island since 2017, it has been transformed into a military base for the multinational forces’ countries such as Israel and America, along with Saudi Arabia and UAE, have recently strengthened their presence there, as part of efforts to control international shipping lines.

The meeting coincided with the escalating tension in eastern Yemen, following the intensification of regional and international movements there to militarize the strategic region, which is rich in Yemeni energy resources, and Sana’a hinting at a decisive battle, indicates Sana’a’s decision to end foreign influence there as part of plans for the next stage.

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