Saudi Efforts to End Duties of International Envoy in Yemen

Saudi Arabia intensified on Tuesday, its meetings with the international envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg, hours before giving his briefing to the Security Council, in an indication of Riyadh’s efforts to change the envoy’s report, which could end his duties in Yemen prematurely.

Saudi Arabia pushed its diplomatic mission to the United Nations and Aden government to hold individual meetings with the envoy, Hans Grodenberg.

Diplomatic sources revealed a Saudi attempt to push the envoy to condemn what it described as “Houthis” and accuse them of refusing to extend the armistice.

The envoy had anticipated the upcoming session on Tuesday evening by calling on what he described as “Houthis” to adhere to the political process.

The report of the envoy, who recently encountered difficulty in communicating with Sana’a may constitute his office, suffers from a financial crisis that necessitated the intervention of the European Union, in the event that one party condemns the end of his career as an envoy to Yemen and he may push Sana’a, which toppled his predecessor, to boycott him permanently.

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