Sanaa’s Sentences 18 Convicts to Death, Confiscation of All their Property

The Central Military District Court in Sana’a on Sunday convicted 18 of traitors of killing and torturing 26 prisoners of the army and the popular committees, in the Criminal Case No. 21 of 1443 AH.

The trial judgment found the 18 accused guilty of the facts attributed to them in the indictment and punished all of them with executions, and the complementary punishments, represented in the expulsion from the armed forces and confiscation of all their movable and immovable property in any hands within or outside the country and under any name for the favor of the armed forces.

It also ruled that all convicts pay a total amount of 330 million riyals to the victims’ families, divided equally, as well as five million riyals as wages and litigation costs.

The operative ruling obligated the convict, Saif Abdulrab Qasim al-Shaddadi, to pay $27,000 in compensation to one of the victims.

The 18 convicted are:

1- Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi

2- Ali Mohsen Saleh Al-Ahmar

3- Muhammad Ali Ahmed Al-Maqdashi

4- Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh al-Ahmar

5- Sagheer bin Aziz Al-Sufyani

6- Hashim Abdullah Hussein Al-Ahmar

7- Hani Ahmed Bin Burik

8- Hamdi Hussein Shukri Al Subaihi

9- Abdulghani Ali Ahmed Shaa’lan

10 Ali Hassan Ahmed Gharib

11- Mabkhout Abboud Rabie Al-Sharif

12- Salem Ahmed Saleh Samran

13- Naji Ali Saeed Amer Munif

14- Khaled Mabkhout Al-Arada

15- Mahdi Mahdi Jaber Al-Hatef

16- Ahmed Ali Hanshal Abu Osama

17- Nasr Ali Oshan

18- Saif Abdulrab Qasim Ahmad al-Shaddadi

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