Emirates Deports the Citizens of Northern Provinces from Aden

The Emirati forces present in Aden provinces have started a new plan aimed at deporting the residents of the Northern provinces, in partnership with the Security Belt Forces.

The Security Belt forces carried out this evening, Sunday, a wide security campaign in the streets of the city of Aden, and it arrested a large number of people from the Northern provinces with the intention of deporting them.

The Security Belt Forces of UAE-backed Transitional Council inspected citizens’ cars requested their hobbies and arrested a large number of residents from the Northern provinces before delivering them to a collection point in Crater Prison for deportation.

According to a special source in the province, this campaign comes with the aim of continuing pressure on the people of the Northern provinces and to deport them from “Aden and other southern provinces.” At the request of the Emirati forces commander in Aden, Brigadier General “Rashid Al-Ghafli,” as part of a broad plan aimed at this matter.

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