Disarmament of Southern Factions Began in Aden

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) calling for the secession of southern Yemen began on Monday, a campaign against its political and military opponents in Aden, this coincides with his arrangement to hand over the city, reflecting fears of a possible coup.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Storm and Security Belt factions, the most important factions of the transitional council, have intensified their deployment in the city’s streets and neighborhoods.

It also, according to local sources, confiscated weapons from members of southern factions do not owe allegiance to the transition most notably, the Southern Resistance Council, in addition to the detention of crews affiliated with those factions.

Sources in the Transitional Council reported that the process of spreading the storm and the belt would continue in the coming days to prevent any movement or smuggling of weapons by the factions, which they described as rebels.

Abu Hammam al-Yafei, the leader of the Southern Resistance Council, had earlier threatened with a coup against al-Zubaidi, in response to efforts to dismantle the southern forces.

The military moves coincided with a political movement by STC, which aims to contain its most prominent southern opponents for fear of a coup against it.

The transitional supported movements within the Southern Movement, Fouad Rashid Movement, affiliated with Hadi, and succeeded during a meeting of leaders in the movement, to oust him from the movement’s leadership. Meanwhile, Ahmed Bin Buraik is conducting meetings with Hassan Baoum, one of the most important leaders of the movement in Hadhramaut, in an attempt to contain it.

These moves come at a time when STC is arranging to hand over its most important strongholds in Aden to the Saudi forces and factions supported by them and led by their opponents. Amidst the fears in the ranks of the transitional that the southern forces against the council would exploit the vacuum that the absence of the transitional would create from the scene in the future to turn the tables on it.

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