Sana’a Confirms: Ships of Foreign Companies in Hadhramaut and Shabwah in Grave Danger

Private sources in the capital, Sana’a, revealed expectations of new strikes targeting the ships of foreign companies coming to the ports used to smuggle oil in the provinces of Shabwah and Hadhramaut.

This comes a few hours after a qualitative operation by Sana’a forces thwarted the smuggling of Yemeni crude shipment through “Qena Port.”

According to sources in the office of the “republic presidency” in Sana’a, there is a “tight intelligence plan” that monitors the movements of commercial ships coming to Yemeni ports with intention of looting wealth, it is “in the position of direct targeting,” as it describes.

The official spokesperson of Sana’a forces, brigadier general Yahya Sarie, announced last Thursday that Sana’a forces “failed an attempt to loot crude oil through the port of Qena, which is used by the enemy for smuggling.”

He explained that it “prevented an oil ship that was in the port from looting and smuggling oil”, and that was after sent her several warning letters.”

The official spokesperson of Sana’a forces, confirmed that his forces “reaffirm their commitment to protect the sovereign national wealth as one of the rights of our oppressed people”, on top of these rights are the salaries of state employees in all Yemeni regions.”

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