Leaders in STC Seizure Wide Territory of Aden Airport and Free Zone

A leader in the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s forces seized kilometers of land at Aden airport, YPA reported, citing southern media sources.

According to the report, the transitional leader close to his boss and son of his village, Munir al-Juhafi, had taken control over hectares dedicated to the new Aden airport in the Salah al-Din area.

The sources pointed to al-Juhafi was escorted by gunmen and military pickup vehicles belonging to the so-called security belt when during the process of capturing vast area.

At the same time, The Free Zone authority in Aden accused the leader of the Transitional Council, Abdul Salam Hamid, who holds the position of Minister of Transport, of seeking to seize a large area in the port under the pretext of expanding the port of Aden.

Since 2015, Aden has been subjected to extensive looting of private and public lands, even the beaches, mountains, streets and cemeteries have been subjected too, usually by leaders in the STC or loyalists.

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