Sana’a Addresses US, UK and France: Avoid Provoking Yemeni People

Deputy Foreign Minister in the national salvation government in Sana’a Hussein al-Ezzi said the joint US-British-French statement condemning the Sana’a warning operation at the oil port of Qana, in Shabwa province, was extremely absurd and illogical.

Al-Ezzi stressed in a series of tweets on Twitter that the statement was expected and not surprising at all, as it comes from countries involved in committing all war crimes, siege and destruction that have affected our country and caused the worst catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the world.

He advised America, Britain and France to be careful and avoid provoking the Yemeni people and not to repeat such a shameful statement.

Al-Ezzi stressed that Sana’a will continue to protect its wealth until the looting stops permanently.

In this context, Member of Anssarallah’s Political Bureau and governor of Dhamar province, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, said that the statement issued by America, Britain and France condemning the warning operation carried out by Sana’a forces at the oil port of Qana, in Shabwa province, to prevent the looting of Yemeni oil reveals the malignant role of those countries in the siege of Yemen and the looting of its wealth.

In a tweet oh his twitter account on late Thursday, Al-Bukhaiti stressed that the statement also reveals the false claims of these countries and humanity because the suffering of the Yemeni people is a result of the interruption of salaries and the cessation of operational expenses of vital sectors, is known to them.

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