Southern Front of “Resisting Occupation” Warns of America’s Violation of National Sovereignty

The National Front to Resist Invasion and Occupation in the southern provinces has condemned the visit of the US ambassador and the intelligence and military delegation to Hadramout province.

In a statement, the National Front considered this visit a blatant interference in local affairs and a violation of international norms and laws.

The statement stated that the intensive American moves after the decision to protect national wealth confirms Americans’ involvement in looting the Yemeni oil over the past years.

The National front noted that this visit comes within the framework of the movements of the Americans and the Saudi coalition countries and their mercenary tools and local agents to resume oil production and export without adhering to Sanaa’s clear conditions in this regard,” the statement explained.

The statement held the Saudi-backed forces responsible for compromising national sovereignty and allowing the invaders and occupiers to violate the country sovereignty and tamper with its capabilities.

“These moves contradict the entitlements of peace in Yemen and reflect an American desire to maintain a state of no war and no peace until Washington and its tools achieve its colonial agenda in the southern and eastern provinces,” the National Front said.

The National Front warned the aggression countries and their tools and agents against exploiting the situation in the homeland under the aggression and siege to perpetuate the foreign military presence south of the country.

It stressed that the movements and tools of America in the region from the Socotra Island to Mayoun island overlooking Bab al-Mandab and in the southern oil ports are under the monitoring of the national forces that would respond to in due course.

The National Front also affirmed its unequivocal support for Sanaa’s demands regarding the withdrawal of all colonial forces from the whole country, calling on the Yemeni people to rally around the national forces against the occupation to defeat the invaders and occupiers and liberate the homeland.

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