Sana’a Calls on US to Respect the Sovereignty of Yemen

Foreign Ministry in Sana’a government on Wednesday called on Washington to amend its policy towards Yemen and respect its rights and the sovereignty of its wealth, in response to the visit of US Ambassador “Steven Fagin” to Hadhramout province on Tuesday.

The Foreign Ministry, through Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi, condemned Fagin’s statements from inside the “occupied” Yemeni territories.

Al-Ezzi said on his Twitter page that “The statements made by the US ambassador from Hadhramout represent a blatant provocation to the feelings of millions of the besieged Yemenis, and do not take into account the requirements of working for peace.”

He added that “Washington must amend its hostile policies against peoples and re-present itself on the basis of full respect for the rights of our people and the sovereignty and wealth of our attacked country.”

The statements of the US ambassador from inside our occupied lands are a blatant provocation to the feelings of millions of besieged Yemenis,” Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi said in a tweet on Wednesday.

He stressed that the US does not take into account the requirements of work for peace.

The US envoy, Tim Lenderking, had stated that “serious discussions are underway to discuss ways to end the war and achieve peace in Yemen.”

Observers believe that the US ambassador’s visit to Hadhramout at this time undermines the peace process in Yemen and reveals the truth about Washington’s relentless pursuit of re-plundering Yemen’s oil wealth, which was stopped by the warning strike of Sana’a forces around the port of Al-Dhaba.

The US ambassador’s visit to Hadhramout comes nearly a week after a similar visit by a US military delegation to the province, confirming that the United States is paying suspicious attention to Hadramout.

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Member of the Riyadh-formed “Presidential Council”, Faraj Al-Bahsani, had openly announced in mid-October, during a meeting with notables in Hadramout province, that the United States and Western countries were paying special attention to Hadhramout, Shabwa and Mahra provinces.

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