European Efforts to Deliver Saudi Offer to Sana’a

The Netherlands started on Wednesday, a new movement in Yemen file, at the request of the United Nations, what reveals Sana’a’s suspension of contacts with the envoy, Hans Grodenberg.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Western diplomatic sources reported that the Dutch ambassador, Peter Hof, had received a draft of a new Saudi offer, he is currently trying to deliver it to Sana’a.

Hof had met earlier with the UN envoy, a day after the latter announced the conclusion of his tour in Saudi Arabia, with meetings the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al-Jaber.

Grunberg indicated in a tweet on his official page on social media that he discussed the integration of efforts with the Dutch ambassador to work to secure the extension of the armistice and push for a comprehensive peace.

The Dutch ambassador is one of several Western ambassadors who tried during the last period to establish a close relationship with Sana’a and visited it more than once.

The knocking of UN envoy to Hof, indicates that he is facing difficulty in communicating directly with Sana’a which diplomatic sources talk about suspending meetings with him after the failure of efforts that were on the verge of reaching an agreement on extending the armistice.

Earlier this week, Sana’a accused Britain and America of thwarting the agreement, amid fears of military escalation resurgence.

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