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Islah Party, the wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, threatened on Tuesday to raise the ceiling of its demands in the face of Saudi Arabia.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with the continued military build-up to its southern borders.

The son of Islah branch head in Marib, Abdullah Aboud Al-Sharif, published a picture of Hadi and Al-Akimi, attached to it the phrase “demands are expanding” in reference to the raising of party’s demand ceiling for Hadi’s return.

The release of the photo came before an expected statement by the party, which is expected to carry a new escalation against Saudi Arabia.

Although Hadi’s card was moved by Islah, who agreed to replace him with the Presidential Council, it was not new in light of the recent moves to summon Hadi, the last of which was to raise his picture during the receipt and handover ceremonies between military leaders in AlMahrah.

Not to mention that Islah leaders invoked Hadi in all his speeches as a “legitimate president,” However, the timing of Hadi’s summons, in light of the provinces battle between the forces loyal to the coalition, indicates the party’s attempt to blackmail Saudi Arabia to achieve gains.

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