Sana’a Saves Family of Former President after GPC Abandoned It

Sana’a escalated on Sunday, its opposition to UN Resolution 2216, which imposes sanctions on the family of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. In a move described as a blow to the GPC party that abandoned it and conspired to overthrow his son.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

In a statement, the rescue government stressed the need for UN to take concrete steps by Security Council to prepare for comprehensive peace negotiations, referring to the demands to repeal UN Resolution 2216 which imposes guardianship over Yemen and sanctions on Yemeni personalities, led by Saleh’s son and his family.

The statement stressed on the need to issue a binding decision that preserves Yemen’s unity and sovereignty.

The Deputy Foreign Minister in rescue government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, considered the failure of the United Nations to take a step towards canceling the decision, which he considered the most prominent obstacle to peace in Yemen an indication to its inability to manage the Yemeni negotiations file.

Sana’a’s demands come at a time when the conference’s branches at home and abroad concluded an agreement to remove Saleh’s son from the party presidency.

Local media published a list of the party’s new leaders, which were agreed upon during secret negotiations in the Egyptian capital. The list indicates that the party branches and leaders of its currents share leadership shares, while the list is devoid of any name for Saleh family or those close to it, including his son, who was appointed by the party branch in Sana’a as vice president and was aspiring to sit on the throne of the party.

Activists on social media described Sanaa’s move as reflecting a true intention for peace by pushing for Yemeni negotiations it does not exclude anyone, including its opponents, and opens a new page.

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