STC Presents Evidence to Saudi Arabia about Islah’s Involvement in Al-Dabah Attack

UAE-backed Transitional Council on Sunday, rat officially on its archenemy, Islah party, against the backdrop of the recent attack on the oil port of Al-Dabah in Hadramout, eastern Yemen.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in the council stated that its president, residing in Riyadh, presented evidence to Saudi Arabia regarding Islah’s involvement in the attack on the port. Noting that the evidence includes identifying the launching sites of the drones.

Ahmed Ben Brik, head of the so-called National Transitional Assembly, said in a new statement that the drones that attacked the port were launched from the camps of the first military region. Ben Brik called on Saudi Arabia to give his council an opportunity to get rid of what he described as “Houthi forces” stationed in Hadhramaut valley and desert.

Accusations between the parties loyal to the coalition of involvement in the attack were not limited to STC, but was preceded by Islah by broadcasting news of STC’s involvement in the attack, attempting to link the attack with the Emirati withdrawal from AlMa’ashiq and efforts to penetrate the oil plateau of Wadi Hadramout.

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