Sana’a Navy Commander: Yemeni Strikes Will Go Beyond Hitting Coalition Economy

The commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade in Sana’a forces, Major General Muhammad al-Qadri, on Saturday, warned the coalition against interfering and harming Yemen’s oil wealth.

Stressing that Sana’a Navy has a bank with targets and ready to deter any ship entering Yemeni waters, at the same time, it is able to target any point in Red Sea or the Arabian Sea from anywhere in Yemen. In an indication to the development of the weapons technology of Sana’a forces.

Major General Al-Qadri considered that what happened yesterday of the attack on the port of Al-Dabbah was a warning “not to receive any ship coming to loot and steal our oil and wealth, and it was a successful and warning strike.”

He added that the leadership of Sana’a realized the importance of building naval forces and coastal defense, and what the position of Yemen requires to be a majestic force that protects Yemeni territorial waters, especially in light of foreign ambitions.

He stressed that the naval forces of Sana’a grew in strength during the years of the war on Yemen, “in a manner that confused the calculations of the Saudi-American coalition in particular,” and that it could “hit the aggressor warships of the Saudi coalition forces, in their various forms and types.”

According to a speech, he delivered at an event commemorating the coalition’s targeting of fishermen on “Uqban and Al-Tair Island, which killed more than 250 martyrs and wounded, in October 2015.”

The Commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade and the Director of the Naval College indicated that Sana’a forces will have a role and influence in changing the military equation, in which the coalition used to excel in the maritime field. Now the coalition is aware that “Yemen has a military force and a weapon, through which it can impose the deterrence equation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab.”

Major General Al-Qadri pointed out that the warning strikes carried out by Sana’a. It targeted AlDabbah port in Hadhramaut, in conjunction with the approach of “Nisos Kia” ship, which came to smuggle crude oil, confirming the warnings of Sana’a leadership, and that these messages “were not in vain. Rather, they have many goals and messages, and confirm that Yemeni oil and sovereign wealth are no longer permissible for looting, and that the issue will go beyond hitting the oil sources and the economic joints of the aggression countries.”

He stressed that “the next blow will be severe, as our sovereign wealth from today is not for looting and will only be for the Yemeni people.”

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