Sana’a FM: Addressing Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Addressed Only by Ending the War

Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a government, Hisham Sharaf, on Sunday stressed that the repercussions of the humanitarian catastrophe created by the countries of Saudi-led coalition can be addressed only by ending the military “aggression”, lifting the comprehensive siege and the exit of foreign forces.

This came during his meeting with Director of Operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva, Martin Schüepp, and his accompanying delegation, who are currently visiting Yemen.

The Foreign Minister called on the ICRC to raise the ceiling of its humanitarian assistance in light of the increasing number of people in need of aid and those affected by the repercussions of the humanitarian catastrophe created by the Saudi coalition countries due to the aggressive war and the comprehensive siege.

Sharaf emphasized the importance of taking the necessary steps to arrange the payment of the salaries of state employees without exception.

He praised the ICRC’s activities and programs in Yemen, especially the humanitarian projects and programs implemented in a number of remote areas, confirming the National Salvation Government’s support to the Committee’s work.

For his part, Schüepp pointed out that the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen is of interest to the ICRC, indicating that the Committee seeks to provide the necessary humanitarian aid in accordance with its financial resources.

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