Emirati Arrangements to Visit Sana’a

UAE began arrangements on Sunday, to follow Saudi Arabia’s footsteps by normalizing its relations with Sana’a.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This comes at a time of heightened fears of a new military escalation in light of the efforts failure to extend the armistice.

Diplomatic and other sources in Aden’s government confirmed that UAE had made contacts with what it described as “Houthis” to arrange the visit of a delegation similar to the Saudi delegation that arrived in the Yemeni capital a few days ago as part of a plan to exchange visits between Riyadh and Sana’a.

The motives of the Emirati efforts to visit Sana’a are not clear yet and whether it is related to the exchange of prisoners, as is the case with Saudi Arabia, or for other purposes,

However, the Emirati move coincided with the recent escalation of Sana’a, indicating UAE’s attempt to ensure that it would not be subjected to attacks, especially in light of efforts failure to extend the armistice and the escalation of signs of a return to military escalation.

UAE is the second leader after Saudi Arabia in Yemen’s war which continues for the second year, and the upcoming visit may constitute a blow to the Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition, it marks the end of his future as the authority of southern Yemen.

In this context, the Minister of Information in the Salvation Government, Daifallah al-Shami, confirmed the existence of regional and international contacts with Sana’a, including by countries participating in the war on Yemen. Al-Shami indicated in a television interview that the truce would not be extended except according to the conditions of Sana’a.

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