Al-Huraizi Declares War on STC; Al-Mahra Would Not Give up an Inch of Its Land

Head of the peaceful sit-in committee in Mahra province, Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, on Saturday affirmed that the people of Mahra would not give up an inch of their land.

This comes in response selling Mahra’s Qishn port by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s leader in the province to the Saudi forces.

“A leader in the STC sold the port of Qishn to the Saudi occupation and signed a contract as if the port belonged to his father,” Al-Huraizi said in a meeting with the leaders of the peaceful sit-in council in Huswain district.

He stressed that “the sons of Mahra will not give up an inch of their land and will defend it whatever the cost.”

Sheikh Al-Huraizi pointed out that the sons of Mahra do not recognize the so-called “Presidential Council,” because its members were appointed by “the Saudi and Emirati occupation”, and do not recognize “their legitimacy,” considering that the real legitimacy is the legitimacy of the people.

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