A leader Pursued by Saudi Arabia with Millions of Dollars Reaches Its Lands

A leader in Anssarallah movement, “Houthis”, sparked widespread controversy after his appearance in Saudi lands; years after Saudi Arabia offered a reward for information about him.

Activists circulated a picture of the leader, Ali Saeed Al-Razami, receiving a warm welcome from the official reception upon his arrival within Sana’a delegation to verify the lists of prisoners.

In tweets on social media, activists agreed that Al-Razami’s arrival was an unparalleled courage and an unprecedented challenge, while others considered it a reflection to the progress of relations between Sana’a and Riyadh.

Al-Razimi is one of 40 Yemeni leaders Saudi Arabia put them on its list of targets for the war that began eight years ago, it is number 37 on the list, Saudi Arabia offered five million $ for information about him.

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