An official in Sana’a Exposes Dangerous British Plot in Yemen

The Deputy Director of Moral Guidance Department in Sana’a forces, Brigadier Abdullah bin Amer, exposed a dangerous British scheme in Yemen that kicks off from a new divisive core.

Ibn Amer, the prominent Yemeni researcher and author of the book “Yemen Dusty Invaders”, said in a tweet on Twitter: “Britain presents itself as the most experienced in our affairs, but it has not yet realized that the Yemenis, despite its experience, knew them well. They became experts in dealing with it and revealing its plans.”

He added, ” Yemenis were the ones who forced Britain to leave in 1967, and they were the ones who thwarted its return with the coup of 1968.” and thwart the division of South Yemen in 1972, just as today they are thwarting the British movements and conspiracies.”

In the details of the plan, “Ibn Amer,” the author of the book “The Division of Yemen, British Imprints.” “Britain’s plan in Yemen is from its archives; isolating the North the Red Sea coast and made it in a state of dependency, isolating it from the south and provoking separatist tendencies among the tribes, orchestrating war conflicts between Yemen and Saudi Arabia to strengthen control over both countries, and that is what is happening today.”

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