Saudi Arabia Suspends STC Salaries

Saudi Arabia suspended the salaries of the Transitional Council factions, which called for the secession of southern Yemen.

Sources in the Transitional Council stated that the Security Belt Command and the rest of the factions that were receiving salaries in Saudi riyals were informed by the coalition of the decision to officially suspend their salaries.

The decision came hours after a meeting between the Minister of Defense in the government of Aden Mohsen Al-Daari with the Saudi Minister of Defense, Khalid bin Salman.

It is not yet clear whether the decision aims to pressure the STC or within the arrangements for Yemen’s exit from Saudi Arabia, but the decision coincided with the start of those factions’ wide changes at the leadership level, indicating that it was part of arrangements to dismantle the transitional factions and redistribute them to military units in the defense and interior.

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