Saudi Arabia Vows to Punish UAE-Backed STC

Saudi Arabia has hinted to punish the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) over its crowds in Yemen’s eastern Hadramout province to topple the valley directorates as part of its secession plan in contravention of its agreement with Riyadh to postpone it.

Abdullah Al Hatila, assistant editor-in-chief of the official Okaz newspaper, said in a tweet, “In response to an event mobilized by the STC in Hadramout: demanding to put cart before the horse through unprecedented armament with projects, some of which are rightful and others driven by anti-coalition currents before achieving the desired goal. The horse will stop and the cart will not move.”

Saudi Arabia requires the STC to participate in the battles in the northern provinces in exchange for its support in the secession of Yemen. However, the Transitional considers linking its project to an impossible task aimed only to drain it and its forces.

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