Al-Qaeda Begins a Strategy to Hunt Down Leaders of Southern Factions

Al-Qaeda, the local branch in Yemen, began on Wednesday a new strategy in southern Yemen, coinciding with the start of restructuring the factions loyal to the coalition, which raises controversy in terms of timing.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The organization claimed targeting a prominent leader in the southern factions in Abyan, explaining in a statement that the operation targeted the commander of the Falcons Brigade in the First Brigade, supporting Brigadier General Abdul-Khaleq al-Hakami.

The adoption of targeting al-Hakami came hours after the STC confessed to the killing of the reconnaissance staff anti-terror faction’s, Nabil al-Tami, in an operation in Mudiyah.

These targeting, which also expanded to Shabwah during the last hours, coincide with the targeting of military kit in Al-Masyna’ah with Al-Qaeda revealing a new strategy for it in southern Yemen, it indicated that he has adopted a strategy of ambushes and explosive devices to hunt down senior leaders.

Al-Qaeda announced its new strategy against what it described as the Emirati factions, its data was covered by Saudi intelligence,

in conjunction with developments in the south scene, in light of news talking on the return of Emirati forces to take over tasks of securing Aden, more than two years after his expulsion by Saudi forces, not to mention the start of restructuring the leaders of the transitional factions.

It is not yet clear whether al-Qaeda announcement was in response to the transitional, who expanded the deployment of his forces in its strongholds in Abyan, or for other motives, but its coincidence with the aforementioned developments also indicates that it has more than one dimension.

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