Al-Qaeda Attacks STC In Abyan

Al-Qaeda announced the implementation of a new operation against a prominent leader in the factions of the Transitional Council, loyal to the UAE.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the organization pointed out that the operation targeted the commander of the Falcons Brigade in the 1st Brigade Support, pointing to the injury of Brigadier General Abdul-Khaleq Al-Hakami.

The targeting took place, according to the Organization, in Abyan.

This is the second operation that took place in less than 24 hours, as the STC had previously admitted to killing the reconnaissance column of the anti-terror faction of the Council, Nabil al-Tami, in an operation in Mudiyah.

The escalation of individual attacks comes hours after the organization announced a shift in the strategy of fighting in two chapters, following the STC’s announcement of its control over the provinces’ districts, which are the stronghold of the organization.

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