To Tighten Grip on Socotra, UAE Building 10 New Telecom Towers

The Emirati forces have expanded its telecommunications network towers on the island of Socotra, which it controls, Aljanoob Alyoum media outlet reported on Tuesday, citing local sources.

“The Emiratis established 10 new towers to strengthen the telecommunications network and the Internet in the city of Hadibo, the province center, and the Qalansiya district,” according to the local sources.

Citizens complained about the weakness of the Yemeni local network after the installation of these towers, and the high prices of the service provided by the new Emirati network.

In the past years, the UAE has undertaken major establishments, targeting the national and cultural identity of the people of the archipelago and destroying its natural and tourist resources, to prepare the ground for its annexation to the UAE, ambitions that Emirati politicians have expressed on more than one occasion.

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