Largest Tribes of Hadhramaut Announce Mobilization against Military Presence of Islah

“Yamnah Nahd” tribes, the largest of Hadhramaut tribes, announced on Monday the general mobilization against the “first military region” of Islah party calling for the need to be expelled from the province.

This comes against the backdrop of accusations by the “First Military” leadership of hiding the murderers of two people from “Yamnah Nahd” tribes, and in light of the continuing popular movement to expel it from Hadhramaut.

The Hadrami tribes besieged a number of security points affiliated with Islah Party of the “First Military” in AlWadi district, threatening to escalate.

According to special sources in Hadhramaut, the military region of Islah party was forced to dispatch the director of security for AlWadi Directorate, “Abdullah bin Hobeish al-Sa’iri” to mediate, and lifting the siege of the tribes, which has not been done so far.

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