Details of New Initiative to Extend the Armistice in Yemen

The coalition reactivated on Sunday, the UN mediation, reflecting fears of the repercussions of the failure to extend the armistice.

The UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg, said in a new statement that he is awaiting the parties’ positions on new proposals to extend the armistice.

Grodenberg indicated that the initiative includes what he described as an approach between everyone. Stressing that no solution can be reached unless there is a political will.

The international envoy’s resumption of his efforts came in the wake of millions of demonstrations in the streets of Sana’a and its affiliated provinces in northern Yemen, which carried a message of affirmation of the Yemenis’ adherence to their demands.

In this context, the leader affiliated with Islah, Adel Al-Hasani, revealed that the coalition agreed to Sana’a conditions, including opening the airport to destinations including the Sultanate of Oman and Qatar. Along with Egypt and Jordan, and lifting the siege on Hodeida port, paying all salaries from 2014.

He pointed out that there are differences over the salaries of the security and military units.

Sana’a had previously rejected proposals that did not include disbursing all state salaries, civilian and military, from Yemeni crude oil revenues.

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