Al-Houthi: Yemenis Demands Are Not Extremist, UN Statements Are the Extremist

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a Mohammad Ali al-Houthi confirmed on Wednesday evening that the statement of the Security Council is extremist, and Sana’a’s demands to lift the siege, hand over salaries and open the airport are not extremist.

“It is not extremism to lift the siege on Yemen, it is not extremism to hand over the salaries of employees from oil revenues, and it is not extremism to lift the ban on travelers to Sana’a Airport from all destinations,” Al-Houthi explained in a tweet on his Twitter account.

He pointed out that “extremism is the statement of the Security Council.”

Al-Houthi concluded his tweets by saying: “If the disbursement of salaries is an extremism, the armed forces have another bank from which they have already been disbursed, referring to the long-range missiles that have hit Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Media affiliated with the countries involved in war has reported that the UN Security Council stressed that Sana’a’s “extremist” demands in the last days of negotiations to extend the truce in Yemen has impeded the efforts of the United Nations to broker the agreement, “risking negative consequences.”

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