What Saudi-led Coalition Countries Want from War in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have found the appropriate opportunity to realize what were in the past wishes they wanted to achieve in Yemen.

Those wishes have become within reach, after a war that has now entered its eighth year, during which the infrastructure was destroyed.

The US-backed coalition countries sought hard to tear the country apart and create weak entities through which they could control the country, its wealth and capabilities.

As “the Loose money teaches theft”, the coalition countries have turned the southern and eastern Yemeni provinces, which contain huge wealth of oil, gas, gold and other minerals into a land where there is no national sovereignty.

For this purpose, local militias of herds of mercenaries were established, working with the coalition states, with what can be described as daily wages. These militias have neither patriotism nor conscience, and they only seek money, and this matter has become clear to everyone at home and abroad.

Many names of militias and elites have no national cause other than protecting the new colonizers and companies that have been brought in to loot Yemeni wealth and antiquities and control the islands, ports and coastal cities of strategic importance.

The southern and eastern provinces have become a free land for all the thieves and colonial companies that have been entrusted by the mercenaries with the task of stealing the deposits of the Yemeni land, which is rich in multiple mineral resources.

President of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Mahdi Al-Mashat, has done well when he issued his directives to officially address all the companies and entities that plunder the Yemeni sovereign wealth to stop the looting operations completely, and that these companies bear full responsibility in the event of non-compliance.

The homeland and its wealth and capabilities can not be “up for grabs” to all the oddities and thieves, and that all of this will be done through the force of the law, the Yemeni constitution, and the charters and treaties of the United Nations.

The time has come to adjust matters and correct the wrong conditions created by the coalition countries to help them continue their looting of Yemeni wealth and their continued existence.



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