Shabwa: Uprising Against UAE Authorities

The first societal uprising against the UAE authorities took place in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, Yemen press agency reported on Monday.

Local sources confirmed that dozens of residents of Al-Rawdha district, east of Ataq city, the provincial capital, went out on Sunday in a protest against what they called the policy of regional exclusion and marginalization by the governor loyal to the UAE in Shabwa, Awdh Al-Wazir Al-Awlaqi.

The protesters emphasized that Al-Awlaqi, affiliated with the General People’s Congress, had overthrown a number of local officials from Al-Rawdha district, expelled its cadres, and replaced them with others from outside the district.

After taking control of Shabwa at the beginning of this year, the UAE followed a systematic policy to root out all officials associated with the previous Islah Party authorities in Shabwa.

The pro-UAE authorities have completed the policy of uprooting the military and security presence of the Islah party from Shabwa in the recent confrontations that erupted in Ataq in early August.

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