Capital Sana’a Witnesses 60th Anniversary of Torch Lighting Ceremony for 26 September

Tahrir Square in the capital Sana’a witnessed the 60th Eid torch ceremony for the 26 September revolution, organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Association of Scouts and Guides.

At the ceremony, the Assistant Under-Secretary for the Youth Sector of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Al-Oshari, pointed to the September 26 Revolution as a point of change and realism of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that Tahrir Square continues to ignite the glare of the revolution as an expression of its continued giving and the Yemeni people’s revolutionary change and liberation from a living reality to a more prosperous and renaissance reality that has driven so many systems to fight against it, mainly the American and British systems and their followers in the region.

He said: “As much as the transformations represented by September 26’s immortal revolution, and the immunity it constituted for the republican system, but it suffered a setback from the revolutions that erupted in the 1950s and 1960s last century in the region, it was the longest-running revolution, lasting about seven years. “

He added: “The processes of political, economic, cultural, social and administrative change have not accelerated, some ideological differences have emerged, posing, together with other surrounding problems, challenges that have affected the bids of this revolution and prevented the full achievement of the goals as planned. “

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