Southern al-Hirak Reveals UAE- Germany Deal to Plunders Yemen’s Oil

A prominent leader in the “Southern Revolutionary Movement Council, known as Southern al-Hirak, revealed on Monday the UAE made a deal Germany for 10 years, to plunder Yemen’s oil and liquefied gas wealth.

A member of the political bureau of the council, Yahya Mohammed Abdul Rahman Baras, accused the UAE of looting natural resources in liquefied gas by signing an agreement with Germany to export Yemeni gas for ten years from Balhaf Gas facility in Radum area of Shabwa , estimated at tens of billions, without the knowledge of the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council and the government of Maeen Abdul-Malik.

“The southern provinces are not Ras al-Khaimah or Dubai,” Baras said, adding that the signing came amid silence and disregard for what he called the national forces.

Baras stressed that the UAE would not dare to plunder natural resources except as a result of the weakness of those forces and the access of its local tools to crumbs.

He warned the UAE and Saudi Arabia against tampering with Hadramout, and depriving the sons of the province of oil and gas revenues and the deterioration of basic services of electricity and water.

Baras pointed out that Hadramout has been subjected to a conspiracy, starting with the closure of Al-Rayyan Airport and the control of Dabba oil port in 2016, and the spread of corruption in all official institutions, calling on the people of the province to confront and thwart the conspiracies targeting them.

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