Hadramout: Protesters Cut off International Road

Angry protesters blocked the international road linking the provinces of Hadramout and Mahra, eastern Yemen, Yemen press agency reported on Saturday.

According to local sources, dozens of people from Thanbat area, west Qusayar city, cut off the international road linking Hadramout to Sultanate of Oman, in protest against the power outage in their areas since the past months.

The sources stressed that the power outage contributed to the citizens’ lack of access to water, amid the coalition’s local authorities ignoring the demands of the residents.

The protesters prevented trucks and tankers from passing through, even to implement their legitimate demands for access to basic services of electricity and water, accusing the coalition government of looting Hadramout’s oil wealth without benefiting from it in local development, the sources pointed out.

The protesters demanded coalition’s local authorities to meet their demands and develop a radical solution to the electricity problem, threatening to escalate if their suffering continues.

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