Southern leader: Sana’a Is the Only One Capable of Expelling UAE from All Southern Regions

A political activist close to Islah party, Adel al-Hassani, commented on Thursday on the military parade organized by Sana’a forces, on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of “21 September Revolution”, by saying: “It’s over, we are coming, Sana’a,” referring to the sentence raised by the coalition and forces loyal to it at the beginning of the war on Yemen in 2015.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Al-Hasani said in a tweet on “Twitter”: The lie is over and the stage of #Coming_ya_Najran will begin.” In an indication to the failure of coalition, war on Yemen and the position of Sana’a shifted from defense to attack, and it has the military capabilities that enable it to control the entirety of Yemen, and the trend towards restoring Yemeni lands under Saudi control, “Najran, Jazan, and Asir.”

Al-Hassani, who is also considered a leader in the “Southern Resistance in Aden,” confirmed Saudi Arabia’s failure in Yemen, despite spending billions on the forces fighting on its side, saying: “Billions of bin Salman went and turned into investments in Egypt, Turkey and other countries.”

He hinted that Sana’a is the only one capable of expelling UAE from all the southern regions it controls by saying: “The honorable Yemenis will soon take what is in your hands from Socotra to Al-Rayyan, and Yemen will show you its face, group of dwarves.” He addressed a message to Bin Zayed in which he said, “Sana’a is forbidden to him as the inviolability of his mother.”

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