US Forces Kidnap Four Citizens in al-Mahra

US forces, reinforced by Saudi forces, stormed on Wednesday a number of citizens’ homes in the city of Al-Ghaidha, the capital of Al-Mahra province, eastern Yemen.

Informed local sources confirmed to Yemen press agency that the foreign forces who broke into the houses located near Al-Ghaidha airport, which is under the control of the American and British forces, kidnapped more than four citizens and took them to their secret detention facilities inside the airport, without giving the reasons.

The sources said that these forces arrived on board military armored vehicles armed with various types of weapons without knowing their identity, including local mercenaries believed to be affiliated with UAE.

The sources pointed out that the storming of citizens’ homes and kidnapping them is among the violations carried out by the coalition against the Yemeni people, amid Emirati efforts to blow up the military situation in Al-Mahra.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi forces occupied Al-Ghaidha airport in Al-Mahra, far from the confrontations, at the beginning of 2018, and made it a joint US-British military base on the Arabian Sea.

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