Saudi Arabia Delivers Shipment of Weapons on Socotra Island

A Saudi ship unloaded a new shipment of weapons at the port of the occupied Yemeni island of Socotra, in the Indian Ocean.

Local sources said that the Saudi ship unloaded the shipment of weapons during the past hours at the pier of the port of Holaf, southeast of the city of Hadibo, the capital of the island.

The sources confirmed that the Saudi forces transferred the weapons shipment to the headquarters of its forces on the island, without giving other details, according to “Al-Mahriya channel”.

Saudi Arabia strengthened its “808 ” forces by sending more than 230 soldiers to Hadibo airport last June.

 The fact that Saudi Arabia and UAE are sending more arms shipments to Socotra comes at a time when the Islanders are suffering from severe food shortages.

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