Sayyed Al-Houthi Warns Coalition, Foreign Companies Against Continuing to Plunder Yemen Wealth

Leader of the Anssaallah movement Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, warned on Tuesday the Saudi-led coalition countries and the foreign companies against continuing to plunder the country’s wealth.

During his televised speech on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the September 21 revolution, he re-called on the coalition to end the aggression, occupation, lift the siege, as well as to address the files of war, treat the damage and take a lesson.

Sayyed Al-Houthi stressed that the continuation of the aggression “is the biggest threat to regional and international peace and its damage will not stop at the borders of Yemen,” pointing out that there is no justification for the continuation of the aggression, as its continuation may bring disasters to the coalition countries.

He noted that the Yemeni people live under the siege while the revenues of their oil wealth are stolen instead of spending them on salaries and humanitarian and service benefits.

The leader of the revolution announced the continuation of work in confronting the coalition and its conspiracies aimed at controlling the Yemeni people and occupying the country.

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