Sana’a Sets Criteria for Accepting Extension of UN Armistice in Yemen

The pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a confirmed on Sunday that the payment of salaries and the opening of airports and ports is a criterion for accepting the extension of the armistice or not.

SPC affirmed that it would study everything be offered to the Council regarding the UN-sponsored armistice.

The Council, in its meeting, headed by Mahdi Al-Mashat, it will take the appropriate decision towards the truce, in a way that meets the size of sacrifices, serves the supreme national interest, preserves the gains and alleviates the suffering of the Yemeni people.

In the meeting, the Council explained that expanding and enhancing the benefits of the armistice in the humanitarian aspects, including the payment of salaries to all state employees, opening airports and ports, and roads, will help discuss any serious ideas in this framework.

The meeting reiterated Sanaa’s firm stance towards peace and its supportive orientation for all honest efforts in this context.

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