Once Again, UAE Launches Airstrikes on Islah Positions in Abyan

Emirati aircraft have launched a series of airstrikes on Abyan province, in support of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in southern Yemen, Yemen press agency reported on Sunday.

According to sources, Emirati warplanes carried out intensive raids on positions of Islah militants in northern part of Mudiyah district, east of the province.

The sources said that explosions were clearly heard in conjunction with the sounds of aircraft flying.

The raids come after the failure of the STC forces to lift the siege imposed on them by the Islah militants in the district.

Other military sources explained that the UAE raids were mistakenly hit the UAE-backed “Al-Amaliqa” Forces east of the village of Imbagira on the outskirts of Wadi O’mran east of the Mudiya district.

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