Five Kidnapped of UN Staff in Abyan Face Unidentified Fate

Al-Qaeda organization members had transferred five kidnapped UN employees out of Abyan province, south of Yemen, local media reported on Saturday.

This comes about nine months after the UN staff were kidnapped by the terrorist organization in the province under the control of the Saudi-led coalition forces, YPA said.

Local media quoted “military” sources as saying that the operation to smuggle the five abductees came after the failure of the military campaign carried out by the UAE-backed militias in releasing them and controlling the terrorist organization’s camp in “Wadi Omran” in Abyan.

Al-Qaeda had demanded a ransom of $ 5 million for the release of the kidnapped.

On February 12, an official in the United Nations office in Yemen announced the kidnapping of 5 employees of the international organization in Abyan, southern Yemen.

It is noteworthy that the five kidnapped employees are the Director of the United Nations Peace and Security Office in Yemen, “Akam Sophiol”, and four Yemeni local employees.

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