YSMO Destroys School Bags Carrying Slogans Violating Specifications

The Yemeni Standardization, Metrology, and Quality control Organization through its Afar control center, destroyed 300 school bags carrying slogans that contradict the culture and morals of the Yemeni society.

The YSMO stated that the authority, through its public office, destroyed 1,307 meters of tape and iron due to a lack of metrological specifications.

It indicated that the authority, through al-Raheda Control Center, destroyed tires in violation of specifications that exceeded the permissible storage period and thus became unusable.

The YSMO confirmed its keenness, through its crossings, to ensure that every commodity and product is tested and inspected before it reaches local markets to ensure that it conforms to specifications, and to exclude, destroy and block the arrival of any violating product in order to ensure the safety of citizens and preserve their rights.

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