Sana’a Vows: Looting of Yemeni Wealth Will Not Go Unpunished

Minister of Defense in Sana’a government, Major General Mohammed al-Atefi revealed on Wednesday a huge naval force and the combat readiness by Sana’a to protect the wealth and respond in a timely manner.

The Minister affirmed in a statement that the Saudi-led coalition’s continued intransigence against the Yemeni people despite the armistice revealed the nature of its intentions.

Al-Atefi indicated that the coalition’s failure to adhere to the truce reveals th4e extent of Western colonial ambition for Yemen’s wealth, economic capabilities and strategic geographical location.

“We are fully aware of the plans of the ‘occupying forces’ and their race to control the oil and gas sites in the eastern provinces of the country,” he said. The ongoing pillaging of Yemen’s wealth will not pass without an account, and the battle for liberation and independence is the way to defeat the invaders with their various names.”

The minister stressed that Sana’a armed forces today are able to protect the wealth of the Yemeni people and ready to respond at the appropriate time determined by the Leader of the Revolution.

He added: “Waiting for a moment of regression or failure of our will is one of the impossibilities of life,” noting that Yemen is making the history of a new stage free from all the consequences of dependence on foreign tutelage.

Maj. Gen. Al-Atefi announced that the Sanaa forces are heading to build and establish a naval force taking the national and regional responsibility and international entitlements. “We don’t not allow anyone to infringe on our national and naval sovereignty.”

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