Sana’a Confirms Its Keenness on Security of International Navigation

Deputy prime minister of the Sanaa government for defense and security affairs, Lieutenant-General Jalal Al-Rowaishan, said “Sana’a is not betting on the truce to achieve the strategic goals of the Yemeni people.”

Al-Ruwaishan stressed in a press statement on Tuesday that the acceptance of the truce came to confirm the sincere intention towards peace.

“It is not possible to accept the state of no war and no peace that the Saudi-led coalition is pushing for,” he added.

Al-Rowishan confirmed that Sanaa forces are keen on the security of international navigation.

Lieutenant-General Al-Rowishan indicated in a press statement that Yemen was not the initiator of the aggression and that its response only affects the aggressor.

He stressed that “the Yemeni people will not stand by and their wealth is looted for the benefit of the Saudi-led coalition countries, while they live without salaries and under siege.”

The military parades of the Yemeni army carried a message of reassurance to the people that the military and security institutions are ready to protect land and wealth and the independence of political decision, he added.

For his part, Minister of Civil Service and Insurance, Salim Al-Maghlis, indicated that the truce approaching its end and the salary file not be moved despite the presence of the Economic Committee in Muscat and the repeated promises from the United Nations.

He pointed out that”the coalition is deliberately increasing the suffering of Yemenis by cutting salaries, while continuing to loot the oil wealth that used to cover the salary item.”

In turn, Minister of Transport, Abdel Wahab Al-Durra, said: “We have made important strides in the framework of addressing the faltering flights to Cairo through an understanding with the Egyptian side.”

Al-Durra stated that the detention of the fuel ships was an attempt by the coalition to confuse the right humanitarian requirements set by the national delegation to accept the extension of the truce.

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