Preparations to Announce a Final Agreement on Hadhramaut Oil Plateau

A prominent leader in Hadhramaut All-Inclusive Conference and Vice Chairman of the Consultation and Reconciliation Committee of the Presidential Authority revealed on Tuesday arrangements for announcing a final agreement on the status of Hadhramaut valley and desert regions.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Akram Banaseeb Al-Amiri indicated that the committee had completed a series of meetings with parties and political and social forces in Hadhramaut regarding the announcement of what he described as a unified vision for dealing with administrative, security and military imbalances in the valley and the desert.

Al-Amiri indicated that they are waiting for the final position on it after deliberating with its regulatory frameworks before putting it to the public opinion.

Al-Amiri’s statements came on the eve of STC’s recognition of his defeat in the province, which he aspired to acquire, and his attempt to conclude an agreement with the GPC governor, Mabkhout bin Madi.

The new vision regarding Hadhramaut valley and desert may enhance the influence of Islah there, the road will cut off in the future on any move towards the most important oil region, it is an indication to Saudi Arabia’s success in passing its plan to neutralize the eastern provinces of Yemen away from the local conflict parties loyal to it.

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