Sana’a Unveils Yemeni-Made BAAS 2 Armored Vehicle

The Ministry of Interior in the national salvation government on Friday unveiled a new armored vehicle “BAAS-2” in Sana’a.

The security media released photos and video of the new armored vehicle “BAAS- 2”, revealing its specifications.

The “BAAS 2” armored vehicle was locally manufactured and equipped with the latest technologies and equipment.

The Security Media Center confirmed that the manufacture of the “BAAS 2” armored vehicle was made by Yemeni hands, according to special security specifications that perform its work according to a high degree of accuracy, in addition to possessing advantages represented in a 12.7 mm weapon shooting turret with a 360-degree rotation, in addition to a mobile B10 artillery weapon and an engine. 6.0 V8 with 352 horsepower.

The Center indicated that the BAAS 2 armored vehicle weighs 4 thousand and 500 kilograms, is 5 meters and 980 mm long, and is two meters and 700 mm high.

The interior spokesman pointed out that the armored vehicle comes two years after the launch of work on the “BAAS 1” armored vehicles, which was announced by the Minister of Interior, Major General Abdul Karim Amir al-Din al-Houthi, in December 2020.

The interior spokesman, Brigadier General Abdul-Khaleq Al-Ajri, had announced earlier, that the armored vehicle BAAS 2 had entered the security service line to be a tributary to support the security men, and a deterrent to anyone who was tempted to prejudice the security and stability of the country.

He praised the efforts of the Security Manufacturing Unit, pointing out that the manufacture of an armored BAAS 2 comes in implementation of the directives of the leader of Anssarallah, Sayyad. Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, and in fulfillment of the slogan of the martyr President Saleh Al-Sammad, “A hand that protects and a hand that builds.”

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