Yemen Transport Sector Loses over $12 billion Due to Blockade

Ministry of Transport in the government of Sana’a revealed that the transport sector in Yemen lost over 12 billion 318 million dollars as a result of the war and the siege of the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.

The ministry stated in a press conference held on Tuesday in Sana’a that the losses of the General Authority for Civil Aviation amounted to 4 billion, 452,106 thousand dollars, and the losses of the General Authority for Maritime Affairs amounted to 2 billion, 125, 777 thousand dollars.

The conference said that the losses of the Yemeni and Saeeda Airlines companies amounted to 2,169, 594 dollars, while the losses of the Red Sea Ports Corporation amounted to two billion 746 million 554 thousand dollars.

During the conference, the minister Abdel Wahab Al-Durra, stressed that the United Nations had not fulfilled its obligations to install new cranes for the port of Hodeida as an alternative to the cranes targeted by the coalition.

He indicated that the United Nations participating in the process of detaining the ships, as UNIFEM directs the ships to the detention area of the coalition instead of the port of Hodeida.

“The detention of fuel ships doubles the losses of the transportation sector and increases the suffering of Yemenis,” he said, calling on the United Nations to open the port of Hodeida, Sana’a airport and other airports of the Republic of Yemen without restricting destinations and flights.”

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