Sana’a: Coalition Looted 130 million Barrels of Crude Oil Worth over $9 billion

The Minister of Oil and Minerals in Sana’a government, Ahmed Daris said the Saudi-led coalition and its tools have recently increased the amount of crude oil production to reach 91,150 barrels a day, by more than 2.7 million barrels a month.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Daris confirmed that the Salvation Government is able to pay the salaries of all state employees if it takes over the oil and gas sector and its revenues are deposited in the Central Bank in Sana’a.

Daris indicated that the average production of crude oil in Yemen reached 91,151 barrels per day, at a rate of 2,730,000 barrels per month, explained that the value of the looted oil and the amounts deposited into Saudi banks are sufficient to pay the salaries of employees in all provinces for five years.

The Minister of Oil warned against the measures taken by the oil companies, including concessions, selling, and others, stressing that the ministry has written many correspondences to all companies to hold them fully responsible and will hold those companies accountable to ensure that the rights of the state are preserved, which are not subject to statute of limitations.

He also warned against the Saudi-backed government’s endeavor to establish a data bank through the “Schlumberger” company, stressing that this information is considered a national wealth for the country, and have no right to act and tamper with it.

The oil minister pointed out that the total crude oil looted by the coalition countries and their tools during the period from 2018 until this July amounted to 130 million barrels, with a value of more than $9 billion.

He condemned the continued detention of fuel ships by the coalition navy, especially in light of the truce.

Daris held Schlumberger responsible for leaking any information on the agreement and that it will be prosecuted according to the international regulations.

He pointed out that a press conference will be held next Saturday to clarify the facts and reveal the crimes of the Saudi coalition and its loyal forces against the Yemeni people and their looting of the country’s wealth.

The Minister of Oil also confirmed that that the Salvation Government in Sana’a is able to pay the salaries of all state employees if it takes over the oil and gas sector and its revenues are deposited into the Central Bank in Sana’a.

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