Al-Mahrah Tribes Announce the Public Alert

Al-Mahrah tribes announced, on Wednesday, the call to confront the foreign presence in the most important province on the eastern coast of Yemen.

During a meeting of the sit-in committee in Huswain area, tribal sheikhs called for a rally around Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, head of the committee, to defend sovereignty.

In a statement, the tribes criticized the STC’s mobilizations aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the province, calling for close ranks to face any external interference.

The meeting of the tribes coincided with a military and political mobilization for the transitional, as part of overthrowing Al-Mahrah in implementation to a Saudi-Emirati scheme that approved in Riyadh, during a previous meeting between Al-Azima and Al-Amiri, the leaders of the joint operations of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

These developments indicate that the province, which has turned into a base for foreign forces stationed there, is heading towards an escalation in the coming days that may include the military aspects.

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