Germany Joined Movements to Save Armistice in Yemen

Germany joined on Tuesday; the international movement aimed at saving the truce in Yemen. This comes amid signs of its collapse in light of a military escalation and political blockage.

The spokesperson of German Foreign Ministry for Middle East and North Africa, Denis Cometat, described the truce as “unstable”, stressing the need to strengthen them to avoid slipping into violence.

In a tweet, Kumetat called on his page to cooperate with UN envoy, who is leading mediation efforts from Jordan with all parties.

The German invitation reflects the rising international fears of the armistice collapse, with the failure of bringing the parties together again at the negotiating table, sponsored by the United Nations in Jordan after the announcement of Mueen Abdul-Malik Committee the boycotting as Sana’a stipulated salaries and completely lifted the siege as a condition for the extension.

The ambassadors of China, Russia and United States had intensified their meetings with officials in the presidential authority in an attempt to convince the Council on the need for flexibility in its demands regarding opening roads, while the British ambassador arrived in the Sultanate of Oman, where Sana’a negotiating delegation resides, after a similar meeting, with rashad Al-Alimi gathered in Riyadh, during which he presented a new initiative that includes economic files in exchange for opening roads.

The truce is expected to expire on the second of October, with the start of the countdown, the fighting fronts witnessed developments that predicted the parties’ return to military confrontation again, which is international parties fear it, trying to build on the “fragile” truce to extend it for the largest period, in order to ensure the flow of oil from Gulf to Western and American markets.

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